It’s the middle of the night and you’re heading down into the kitchen to refill your glass of water or to take some time because you find yourself unable to sleep. Or maybe it’s early in the morning and you’re trying to move quietly out the door, so your family doesn’t wake. In both situations, your plans for secrecy are spoiled by the loud and unexpected squeak of your hardwood floor. Maybe it didn’t used to squeak or maybe it’s been doing it for years and you never knew how to fix it. If this sounds like your home, there are solutions.

While squeaky hardwood floors, often, have a universal cause behind them, their fixes are not so universal.

Different parts of the floor squeaking may need different fixes and, luckily, there are a lot of options out there for how you can try to mitigate the loud squeaks your floor gives off when you put weight on it.

Below are some causes and some fixes for squeaky wood floors for you to explore.


The number one cause of a squeaky floor is a loose floorboard. This is most common on wooden floorboards but they’re not the only type of floor that can suffer from squeaks. Carpeted floors and other flooring materials can squeaky if the plywood beneath them comes lose from joists. More often than not, a structural problem beneath the surface is the cause of a floor’s squeak.

Using Shims

One fairly noninvasive and non-labor-intensive way to handle a squeaky floor is to put shims in the gaps. Pin point the portion of the floor responsibly for the squeaking and insert a shim into the gap. Do this with carpenter’s glue to ensure it stays in place. This closing of the gap should help relieve the sounds of squeaks for minor and one-off problems.

More Intense Fixes

Sometimes the problem requires a more invasive and intensive fix. Installing blocks to loosen joists, using construction adhesive to fill in long gaps, realigning joists, and using special anti-squeak products are more intensive and longer lasting ways to make sure your floor stops squeaking quickly.

Related Questions

Are Squeaky Floors Dangerous?

They shouldn’t be. While a squeaky floor can reveal some slight structural problems, they’re not indicative of any larger issues on their own and the ways to fix them are fairly simple and easy for most homeowners.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair?

Depending on the type of squeak and the method you’re using to fix it, it could be very cheap to not so cheap. It also depends on if you’re hiring a professional wood floor contractor. Intensive floor work through a professional can cost you but may be worth it in order to keep the integrity of your beautiful hardwoods.

Talk to a hardwood flooring contractor  if you need help and stop those floors from squeaking.

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