Hardwood is a common choice when it comes to floors as they are structurally sound and fairly easy to install. They not only provide long wear, but they give your home a gorgeous finish. Hardwood also comes in different types and species. Pet owners can choose between solid wood and engineered wood floors. Both look great, however, engineered wood is not as durable and when the surface layer is removed, the entire product will need to be replaced.

Which Hardwood Floors are Best for Pets?

When it comes to species, your selection may include Hickory, Maple and Oak. Other species worth exploring are Red Oak and White Oak.

As a pet owner, you may be concerned about the type of damage your companion can do to your floors should you acquire hardwood. Is this an option for you? If yes, what species will best absorb the wear of your pet? Your selection will depend greatly on the type of pet you have and its size. In comparison to dogs, for instance, a cat is much smaller and lighter. They don’t typically have the strength and force to do any serious damage to these types of floors. A dog on the other hand has both the will and the means.

All hardwood products are not made equal. Based on their Janka rating we are able to compile a top 3 list of the best hardwood floors for pet owners based on strength, resistance and affordability.

Hickory This is the highest rated wood on Janka, a system that estimates the hardness and durability of hardwood species. It has kept the number one spot due to its strength. Not only is hickory extremely strong it is heavy, dense and comes in natural variety of colors. The grain of this wood is very fine which gives any creation a smooth finish.

Maple This selection may not be the strongest, but it trumps the rest when it comes to resistance. This resilient wood can resist scrapes and dents and has a very high wear. Its high density makes it durable and although it does not have as wide a color selection and other species, it has a very uniform texture.

White Oak This high-quality wood can’t be found just anywhere. It is native to North America and is endangered in some parts of the globe such as Canada. If you’re on a budget, this selection should be at the top of your list. It is economical, open grain and has very high wear. Although it’s texture is rough, Oak, in particular, has one of the largest natural color selections.

Caring for your hardwood floors Acquiring your floors pre-furnished ensures that you receive maximum durability as these tend to be coated with multiple layers. Cleaning spills especially liquid as soon as they happen will assist in extending the longevity of your floors. Your pets will inevitably cause some wear to your hardwood, however, precautions such as clipping claws can be taken to reduce the damage considerably.

Many persons believe that hardwood floors simply do not mix with pets and having them coexist would be a mistake a no-no, if you will but with the right wood selection – oh yes you can!

Selecting the perfect hardwood floor for you home, especially if you have pets begins with knowing about your hardwood flooring options. Cameron the Sandman Hardwood Flooring Services can help. We have over 80 years’ experience and work closely with our clients to customize their unique needs, and circumstances. Hardwood floors are repairable, refinishable, easy to clean, and are as unique as you. When it comes to hardwood floors, we are the ONLY flooring company in Metro Detroit to turn to. Call us today to learn more about our hardwood flooring services and how we can help!