So, you’ve decided to make 2021the year you tackle your hardwood floor remodeling dreams. Whether you want to refurbish what you have, completely replace it, or are putting in a brand-new floor in your brand new home, the world of hardwood floors is ever changing and you’ll want to be up to date on what’s hot and what will be best suited to make your home all it can be.

It’s not one size fits all and you’ve got a world to explore when it comes to hardwood floors.

You may have thought hardwood was simply a matter of picking your material, your color, and calling it a day. But there’s so much more that goes into it. Your material, the grain, if you want it distressed, the color, the finish all go into making a hardwood floor what it is and can completely transform a hardwood floor’s identity. If you don’t know where to start, here is a great place.

Below are the top trends in 2021 when it comes to hardwood floor materials, colors, and finishes.

Dark and Cool Hardwoods

By this, we meant he color. Darker colors tend to do well in any market and that doesn’t seem to be stopping when it comes to hardwood in 2021. Folks like the style and the way it hides dirt or other flaws. The darker and cool colors put of a sense of style and a sense of wealth without having to break the bank. They’re easy to match to and to use for accents.

Natural Finishes

The glossy and semi glossy finishes on hardwood floors are very dated and have been declining in popularity for some time now. Matte and satin finishes with offer a low luster finish have been on the rise, especially for those looking to offer their room an urban look and feel. We’ve seen the same thing in wall paint finishes going for more matte looks so it’s also excellent for matching textures in a room.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s hard to call this one a trend because we home to stay on the path to sustainability for as long as possible. But each year sustainable, eco-friendly materials in hardwood seem to be getting more and more popular. High grade polyurethane and wood that doesn’t hurt old growth forests are the top picks for those hunting for hardwood floor materials in the coming months

Related Questions

Should I get on-site finished or pre-finished wood?

The trend seems to be going toward on-site finished wood rather than getting wood that is pre-finished. This is because on-site tends to have cleaner lines and overall look more professional when all is said and done.

What about distressed wood?

The new trend in the area of distressed wood is wire brushed floors which give a vintage look that makes the natural grain of the wood pop beautifully when it is finished.

Talk to your hardwood specialist today about your options when it comes to hardwood floors in 2021!

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