If you’ve got hardwood floors that you want to accent with a rug, you may find out the hard way that there’s a little more to it. Rug pads keep the rugs in place across the smooth surface of a hardwood floor to prevent the rug getting moved out of place, dangerous slips, or other mishaps from a rug that’s sliding over a hardwood floor.

But you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the right rug pad for your wood floors since not all rug pads are created equal.

There are a few different types of rug pads. They all do, generally, the same functioning: affixing the rug to a spot on the floor to keep it from sliding. They do this through a mixture of material, friction, and even light adhesive to keep the rug in place and offer a connection between rug and floor.

If you’ve got a rug in need of a pad, we’ve got some great tips below on how to pick the ideal rug pad for you.

Gripper Pads

These pads don’t really look like pads at all and are more like a net or lattice work. The friction between the lattices and the fabric of the rug keep it in place and that same friction keeps them both affixed to the floor. This is a great, non-adhesive option of a rug pad for your needs.


Many rug pads you’ll find are some sort of foam. There’s traditional foam and felt as well as memory foam. The advantage here is the level of comfort it offers to the feel of the rug and it can even elevate the level the rug sits at. It’s less about keeping the rug in place and more about protecting your floor underneath.

Adhesive Grippers

If you don’t want a cushion underneath but need a way to keep the rug in place, corner grippers are a great option. They affix to the corners of the rug, much like you would affix wall hangs to a poster and use adhesive to stick to the floor. This is a great option for anyone looking to keep their rugs in one spot but doesn’t need any sort of extra padding or cushion beneath the rug.

Related Questions

What is the Best Rug for Hardwood Floors?

The most common choice of rug for hardwood floors is some kind of wool blend or pure wool rug. It comes in multiple styles and multiple weaving patterns and remains one of the softest and easiest fabrics on hardwood floors.

Do Rug Pads Damage Hardwood Floors?

Plastic pads can cause scratching on the surface of a hardwood floor. But rubber and foam are safe bets. You’ll want to do research on adhesive components to see if there is a chance of damage or staining to the hardwood underneath the rug.

Don’t hesitate to get that nice new rug on your hardwood floor home. Find the rug pad that’s right for you by speaking to a wood floor specialist.

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