If you are looking to remodel your home, then you must have millions of questions running through your brain. We may not be able to answer every single one, but we can answer arguably one of the most critical questions: flooring.

We specialize in hardwood floor, and in our experience, it has proven to be much better than standard carpet for several reasons.

Less staining – When homeowners spill juice on the carpet, they panic. That beverage can permanently stain the carpet until homeowners call some professionals to clean their floor. If the same fruity refreshment (or some other drink) had made its way onto a wooden floor, it would get sticky, but only if the mess was not cleaned up immediately. Even then, a sticky patch on the floor is still nothing to call a professional about.

Better for allergies – Hardwood flooring is ideal for those with allergies and asthma since they reduce allergens in the home. Carpets trap dust, and dust makes people sneeze. Dust can get on hardwood too, but it lays on top of the flooring, which is fixable with a quick swipe of a paper towel or rolling a vacuum over it once. With hard floors, dust does not make its way inside, which ensures your health. Allergy attacks are terrible, and so are odors.

Odorless – Carpets don’t only trap dust, they lock in odors as well. The fibers hold onto to substances like sweat and dirt, which makes the house stink. Like any other mess, a quick vacuuming or use of some wood-friendly cleaning product should restore your house to its dirt-free glory. Although carpets need cleaning, wood floors need polishing, which gives the place a sleek look, which is a benefit of hardwood maintenance.

Fun tip; socks on the polished floor – Likely the best feature of hardwood flooring. Can you glide across the carpet? No, at least not without getting burned. Any kids in the house will love sliding across the hardwood, and let’s be honest so will parents and other adults in your home!

Furthermore, due to the hardwood floors natural beauty, durability, and versatility, installing hardwood flooring raises your home’s luxuriousness and sophistication level and often increases the resale value. Hardwood floors are repairable, refinishable, easy to clean, and are as unique as you. When it comes to hardwood floors, we are the ONLY flooring company in Metro Detroit to turn to.

Cameron the Sandman offers new hardwood floor sales, refinishing, replacement and more. We work with EVERY species of wood – hardwood flooring, exotic hardwood flooring, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, and bamboo – and in a host of styles and stains. Also, because there is a lot to know about a wood floor, you can count on our design professionals to educate you and help you select the perfect wood floor for your Metro Detroit home.

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