For the most part, refinishing hardwood is a professional’s job. It can be messy and time consuming but well worth it. There are a few things you need to do to prepare your wood floors for refinishing, but don’t worry, it’s not much. Even if you plan to refinish the flooring yourself, you still need ask yourself some important questions and prepare the area and even though refinishing is a job done on the floor, it does affects other parts of the home.

Cameron the Sandman has over 80 years’ experience in refinishing hardwood floors and can help bring your hardwood floors back to life.

One of the first things you should do is survey your floors and know what needs refinishing. Some parts may have more wear and tear or deep scratches to make note of. There may be areas that don’t need any work and you need to protect it. Also, clear the floor and clear the room. Remove all furnishings, paintings, rugs and draperies then make sure to clean the floor as well as you can. This includes sweeping and removing debris that is attached to the floor.

Also, make sure that proper ventilation is accessible. Opening windows and using fans is recommended. Once the work begins, you will probably want to remove yourself, children and pets until the work is completed. There will be a lot of dust, debris and noise. Again, proper ventilation is required for everyone’s safety.

Have a plan for when the job is over. The NWFA says that refinishing floors requires aftercare too. Polyurethane needs some time to dry, which means no one can step on the floor. Once the coating is dry, feel free to step on it, but not with heels or cleats, as they can scratch the floor. It is also ideal for residents to put felt pads at the bottom of anything that touches the floor, like couches and tables. You don’t want to ruin the work that was just done!

Whether you or someone else refinishes your hardwood floor, be responsible. Know what needs or does not need fixing and prepare the area for whatever work will take place. No matter what decision you make for your house, you will have to be mindful of how you treat the floor afterward.

Refinished hardwood floors are beautiful, to say the least. If you are looking to bring your hardwood floors back to life or install new hardwood floors into your home, Cameron the Sandman offers the perfect solution to meet your needs. As Metro Detroit’s premier flooring company, we manage each project from start to finish and everything in between so you can experience a whole new living space without worrying about the details.

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