Hardwood floors add a classic and timeless look to any home and in any area- kitchen, bathroom, bedroom- you name it! They are perfect for any theme as well- country, modern, traditional, upscale. Hardwood floors are easy to install and easy to maintain. You really can’t go wrong with hardwood floors, but there are more durable long-lasting types to make sure you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Durability of wood flooring depends on type, species, whether it’s finished or unfinished and how it is manufactured.

Certain types of wood are better protected against moisture, scratches, and overall just last longer. Wood flooring in general is protected against lots of types of abuse that can happen when you have pets and children.

But which types of hardwood floors are better?

The most durable wood species are hard woods such as oak, maple, walnut, and cherry. These species are considered solid wood and require less maintenance and have great longevity. The Janka Hardness scale is a good resource when trying to figure out if the flooring you want will be durable. The higher the rating then the more durable and resistant to wear and tear. Among these species Brazilian cherry is the most durable, then Red oak, followed by Black walnut. Solid woods come with the most options for pattern and color.

Solid woods are however the most expensive of species because of the durability, which however- means higher resale value when selling! Repairing is a lot easier too- they are easy to sand down and stain to the desired color.

Other species include ash, mahogany and bamboo. If you’re looking for more of an exotic species like teak, jarrah, or mesquite- then be prepared to pay more of a premium price.

If you really want to get the most durable hardwood floors but are on budget, then try going to salvage yards to find reclaimed hardwood flooring. They will have some wear and tear but will be half the price as new floors. Reclaimed hardwood is easy to refinish and definitely a great option if you’re renovating.

There are no right and wrong hardwood floors, just more durable options. Hopefully you will find the most durable option that is right for your home!

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