Wooden floors may last a long time, but they sadly do not last forever. Generally, hardwood surfaces last for years and even decades and do not have to be replaced within that time, but refinishing may be needed. Cameron the Sandman can make your old, worn hardwood floors new again. For those of you newer to wooden flooring, here are some signs that you may need a refinishing job.

One of the most obvious signs of hardwood floors needing to be refinished is scratches, bunches of them.

If anything has scratches, it means that usage is starting to show and that breakage may be in the near future. Also, the scratches can damage the wood and polish, which can wear it out and even let water into the cracks. In addition to scratches being unattractive, deteriorating floors can also be unsafe.

When you spill liquid on the floor does it puddle or absorb? If it puddles or forms droplets refinishing is not a priority. If water goes into the floor, then you need to refinish or maybe replace it urgently. When water gets into the wood, it can cause water damage which weakens the wood and makes it an unsuitable walking surface or place to put furniture. Also, it can allow black mold to grow and for the floors to age quicker, and the aging can slow down with some repair.

Another sign to look for a gray hue or undertone in your flooring. If the boards reaches this hue, it’s because the polyurethane is coming off. If the polyurethane is fading, then the floor becomes less tolerant to spilled drinks and even worse, your dog’s or cat’s feet. This exposure changes the color and durability of the floor and probably needs to be refinished. If the floor cannot stand the most important household members, imagine what it will do to other residents. Unless your floors are stained gray, it is a color to be mindful of.

Pay attention to worn areas. This is an inconsistency in the condition of your wood floors. Like the scratches, worn areas are ugly and potentially dangerous. However, a worn area is larger, which poses more of a threat. Unfinished patches allow more water to seep into the flooring which causes mold growth. In addition to the bacteria, homeowners can also get splinters from the uncoated wood. Once a part of your home becomes a threat, it’s time to fix it.

Hardwood floors are a reliable home feature, but they still need upkeep. Since wood lasts so long, it can be difficult to know when you need to provide necessary upkeep. Keeping these key indicators in mind can help you stay on task with your wood floor upkeep so you can enjoy their beauty for years.

Cameron the Sandman offers new hardwood floor sales, refinishing, replacement and more. We work with EVERY species of wood – hardwood flooring, exotic hardwood flooring, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, and bamboo – and in a host of styles and stains. Also, because there is a lot to know about a wood floor, you can count on our design professionals to educate you and help you select the perfect wood floor for your Metro Detroit home.

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