If you have hardwood floors you no doubt have fallen in love with the classy elegance that exudes from the look and feel of these classic floors and maintaining it is one key to ensuring it does not lose its allure through the years. Over time, hardwood shows signs of aging and they may or may not need to be refinished.

How do you tell that your wood floors need to be refinished?

When your scratches or dents have moved from noticeable to unsightly, the boards have changed their color or begun to warp it is time to do some maintenance.

It is normal for mild scratches to appear on the surface of floors when they are constructed from wood, however, deep scrapes that have become unsightly or cracks and dents that have gone into the wood itself, need to be addressed at your soonest possible convenience.

A change in color is a sure indication that the surface layer has been removed and damage is being done to the integrity of the timber itself. This color change usually presents as grey and once escalated to black is beyond refinishing.

While the color change is an early sign of damage, particularly from water, warping is another common indicator that moisture has become a major issue. Dealing with these challenges early on can save you both time and money in the long run.

How often do hardwood floors need to be maintained?

Even if there are no serious or visible signs of deterioration, it is a good practice to have refinements done intermittently within a ten-year period to maximize the life and performance of the product. Weekly maintenance of sweeping, vacuuming and mopping with wood cleaner is also highly recommended to keep the luster going.

Related Questions

Does this technique work on all types of hardwood floor species?

Unfortunately, that is not the case as variations such as engineered, and laminate versions of hardwood flooring are not as adept to this type of maintenance strategy. This is largely due to the diameter of their top layers.

Will all scratches be removed with this process?

All superficial scratches can be removed using this strategy, however, deeper blemishes that have gone into the timber will need to be recoated with a substance such as laminate in order to cover the scars.

Regular maintenance is paramount to sustaining the beauty of your home. Nothing lasts forever and this includes the shine and gloss you may have initially had on your floors but if you spot the signs early, you can take measure to restore your home to its former glory.

Hardwood flooring services such as restoring wood floors and refinishing wood floors is best done by a professional. It will save you time and energy since they have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done the right way as well as efficiently.

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