While wooden floors are among the most sought-after flooring textures, they can also be the most in danger to stains and even damage. Finding water stains on your hardwood floor, or even any hardwood counter or table surfaces, can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, there are some at home remedies to help you tackle stains before they set in permanently.

Water stains in wood floors, luckily usually only mean the top lawyer of the wood has been affected.

Usually, it’s indicative of moisture that has soaked into the top most layer of the wood finish and not the wood itself. What you’re seeing is the finish clouding up because water has infiltrated the wax. So, you don’t need to worry too much for small stains.

Below are some at home ways to tackle small stains in hardwood floors or other surfaces.

Using a Hair Dryer

One way you can tackle a water stain in an area of hardwood is too hit it with your hair dryer to encourage the drying process. Do this by setting your hair dryer to its lowest setting and applying it gently to the stained area. Make sure to keep the hair dryer at a distance and move it around so as not to overheat the wood in any one particular area. Doing this will allow the water that has set in the wood to dry.


Find yourself some non-gel toothpaste but make sure it doesn’t have any whitening agents in it or it may damage the wood. Apply it to the wood going in the same direction as the grain and let it sit for a minute. Then remove it gently and apply the area with a wood polish finish to bring back the shine to the affected area.

Steel Wool

This can be a little daunting because of the dangers of scratching the wood, but as long as you opt for the finest grade of steel wool, you should be fine. Gently rub lemon oil onto the wood using the steel wool and make sure to go in the direction of the grain. Don’t go beyond the confines of the stain as doing so can damage the finish.

Related Questions

What over the counter products can I use?

Be careful no matter what you use to keep the cleaning to the stain only. Look at wax-based removers and be sure to finish over any spot with new finish to bring back the shine.

What about stain removing for untreated wood?

Hit the area with equal parts olive oil and white vinegar, making sure to gently apply it along the direction of the grain. Soak up excess solution with another cloth and apply new finish to thee wood when it’s dry.

If you find yourself facing a stain on your hardwood floors or surfaces, talk to a hardwood flooring specialist about your options.

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