Installing a hardwood floor takes time, patience, and an attention to detail. It takes precision. This means you could be in the middle of an installation process for multiple weeks and it also means you could potentially be facing unforeseen disasters if your installer isn’t experienced in installing hardwood floors and everything that comes with it.

What are the time considerations of having a hardwood floor installed?

There are important steps your floor installer will need to follow, and those steps take time. It’s okay to feel anxious during the installation period but you need to have patience to get the best possible hardwood floors installed in your home. Jobs can be quicker than expected or they could take far longer than you hoped. A lot of factors play into this.

Things to consider about your hardwood floor installation are listed below.

Acclimation Period

You can’t just drop hardwood into a new environment and expect it to last. There needs to be an acclimation period, of somewhere between 1-7 days, where the hardwood grows accustomed to the humidity and moisture levels of its new home. This is accomplished by letting open boxes of hardwood sit in your home for a week, allowing the wood to adjust to the chemistry of the air in your home.


The installation itself doesn’t take too long. With a small crew of at least wo people, it should only take between 1-3 days to fully install the hardwood for jobs 1,500 square feet and under. This process is fairly easy and involves little disruption for you and your family, but there’s always the possibility of complications.


A space of installation that’s larger than 1,500 square feet will mean longer installation periods. If you don’t let your wood floors acclimate long enough you could have a problem of shrinking or enlarging wood during the installation period. The installation pattern can also be more complicated than expected, meaning installation takes longer.

Related Questions

How Much Does a Hardwood Floor Installation Cost?

The average cost for installing hardwood floors in a home runs from $2,300 to $6,100, or anywhere from $11/square foot to $23/square foot. You’ll need to do research and some looking at pricing and what you get for your money to decide what’s best for you and the best you need the installation.

Does This Add Value?

Hardwood floors add instant value to your home. On average, you can expect an increase of 2.5% of your home’s total value added on after you finish installing hardwood floors. The one factor to remember here is that the rest of the house needs to be updated as well to fully get the benefit of added value.

Talk to your local flooring professionals to make the best purchase for your new hardwood floors.

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