If you’re a hardwood floor owner, most likely you have a love-hate relationship with your floors. You love the hardwood look but hate when it loses its luster. Over time there are a number of things that can dull your hardwood floors. Dirt, grime, scratches, dings, and overall fading of color are just a few. The other problem is, you most likely spent a fortune into your hardwood floors, you don’t want to spend another fortune renewing them. That’s why refinishing your hardwood floors is not the only answer.

How do you revive hardwood floors without refinishing them?

There are a number of cleaning and renewing techniques that could liven up your floors, without having to refinish them.

A deep clean

While it might be hard to admit, your hardwood floors could just be well, dirty. You’d be surprised by what a little cleaning can do to liven up your hardwood floors. If your floors are lacking a little luster, follow these steps to a clean floor and bring life back to yours.

Start by sweeping the floors with a soft bristle broom; stiff bristles will easily scratch hardwood floors. Then, use a vacuum to get hard to reach dirt in between floorboards and in corners. Finally use a micro-cloth and concentrated cleaner specifically for hardwood floors, to mop up. This is as simple as it gets to bring back the luster in your hardwood floors, however if you notice your floors are still dirty, try hiring a professional that specializes in hardwood floors.

As simple as paint

Sometimes your floors are too scratched up, but you still aren’t ready for a full refinishing. This means you can’t do a waxing or screening, but you what you can do is, paint. Hardwood floors that are too dinged up or that have turned a strange color over time, are ideal for a new coat of paint. Keep in mind that this may require sanding the floors a bit to remove any wax or sealant, so that paint may stick. An easy option for brightening up the floors is white. Paint is a temporary spruce up until you are ready to refinish.

Refinish without sanding

If sanding isn’t your game, there is one last option without fully refinishing your hardwood floors. There are several products specifically made for refinishing without sanding. These products can create a semi-glossy polyurethane finish, without ruining the color and without hardly any work from you. Other products may restore the floors somewhat existing polyurethane finish. This includes filling in dings and scratches without gutting your entire flooring.

When refinishing is the only option

And then, sometimes there is only one option, refinishing. Refinishing is meant for dry, dirty, grimy floors, scratched and dinged beyond compare, with wide gaps that are unable to be refilled. Refinishing your hardwood floors can be a DIY project but hiring a professional flooring service is highly recommended! It is a laborious task that requires experience and precision. This includes sanding, patching, staining, top-coating, and let’s not forget troubleshooting. Do your research get several quotes, check their background, and make sure the business complies with all safety regulations. When you leave it to the professionals, you can sit back, relax, and wait for your new floors to be a reality!

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