If you haven’t jumped on the hardwood flooring train yet, 2019 is definitely your year. Especially since the latest trends are hip, happening, and guaranteed to upgrade your home instantly. Besides, that new you you’ve been working on deserves a ‘new’ home as well.

If you’re considering installing hardwood floors into your home, don’t just install them, inspire.

Try the various types, colors, layout patterns, and finishes listed below, to see how beautiful your home can really be.


Bamboo- The type of hardwood you choose for your home determines the entire mood of the room. That’s why using hardwood made from bamboo gives you an immediate ahh feeling of relaxation and serenity. In fact, bamboo is actually not a wood at all, it is a grass, but it produces a material almost identical to wood that is light, airy, hard, and durable. Bamboo is growing in popularity since it is great for small rooms, a rapidly renewing resource, and just as easy to clean as other hardwood options.

Douglas fir- If there’s one trend that will remain in 2019, its rustic. Douglas fir hardwood is a reddish-brown, strong wood that is a rustic-lover’s dream thanks to its many knots and wavy grain. This type of hardwood is one of the most long-lasting, just like those old log cabins were 100’s of years ago. If you want hardwood that will outlast the chaos of your home, Douglas fir is the way to go. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, making it a buyer’s go-to.

Oak- You probably think of oak first when you think of hardwood. It is durable, easy to stain as well as stain-resistant, making it a homeowner’s favorite. Typically, oak comes in a gingery-brown shade, but the latest trends in 2019 offer red, white, or silver oak as well so your options are limitless.


Fumed- Not all hardwood is created equal. Fuming is a new way to stain wood without the staining. Instead, the wood undergoes a process in which the wood is placed in a chamber where airborne ammonia is released. When the wood interacts with the ammonia, a color change occurs that is different every time. Overall the wood ends up rich and dark, enhancing its natural grain.

Bleached/ Blanched- Hardwood is great and all, but not everyone actually wants it to look like wood. Bleached/ blanched wood with a white-ish finish creates an ideal ‘beachy’ look. Keep in mind that the process of bleaching hardwood floors is when you bleach your current hardwood floors to remove the color. Blanched hardwood floors come already bleached. Ask your contractor for full details on which option is best for you.


Diagonal- Regular straight, horizontal tiles are out and patterns are all the rage. Diagonal is a trendy option that is growing in popularity. It is a simple, unique, yet stylishly subtle way to update any room. Search for diagonal hardwood examples and you are sure to be amazed.

Multi-directional- This trend is exactly what it sounds like; placing tiles in mismatched ways. It is most commonly paired when using reclaimed barnwood, and gives any space a rustic, creative, yet polished look.

Trickling floor- This pattern is used when pairing hardwood floors with other flooring, such as tile, in the same space. Using shaped tiles, such as hexagons gives an overlapping effect to the hardwood. The trickling effect creates a nice blended look.


The finishes haven’t changed much in 2019. Low matte, with a 10-20% gloss level, is most commonly used with mid to high end floors. While Satin, with 30- 40% gloss is used in big box and primary carpet stores. These finishes are very practical because they are easier to clean and look better longer making them popular choices. If you’re unsure which finish is best for you, contact your home contractor.


Longer length hardwood floors are traditional, and you just can’t beat tradition. Plus these long length pieces pair perfectly with plank-sized ones. With these two adjustments you are making the look up to the minute complimenting virtually any space size. Wider and longer planks are sought after because they make modern homes look contemporary yet display a rustic and authentic look in older homes. You can’t go wrong with this flooring trend.

Choosing the perfect species of hardwood, stain color, floor pattern and finish can be overwhelming. You want it to be perfect. Our flooring experts at Cameron the Sandman can help. We work with virtually every species of wood in a host of styles and stains and our design professionals will educate you and help you select the perfect hardwood flooring for your home or business. Cameron the Sandman is a family owned business serving Michigan since 1936 and we manage each project from start to finish and everything in-between. Call us today for a consult and to learn more about our hardwood flooring services!