Hardwood floors are beautiful, warm up a home and feel so good on your feet. They are timeless and with proper care can last a lifetime or two. Due to the hardwood floors natural beauty, durability, and versatility, installing hardwood flooring raises your home’s luxuriousness and sophistication level and often increases the resale value. So, its important to take care of them!

There are a few things you can do to ensure the beauty and life of your hardwood floors.

Sweep your floors regularly. Dust in your home settles onto the wood flooring so it is important to sweep often. As the dirt and dust sits and you walk around, it gets ground into the finish of your floors and can quickly wear it down.

Make sure to mop. Along with regular sweeping, mopping also need to be done but not as often. Depending on how dirty your floors get, wood floors should be mopped monthly. Make sure to use a good wood floor cleaner, there are plenty on the market. Avoid cleaners with oils in them since they can leave a residue and will be hard to remove.

Use felt pads. Placing felt pads on the feet of any furniture residing on your wood floors is crucial. This prevents scratching, denting and wearing away the finish. Keeping your floors looking healthy and new starts with minimizing the scratches and dents!

Don’t drag anything. Keep your finish beautiful by never ever dragging anything across your hardwood. This is a sure way to scratch and gash your floors and can lead to costly repairs.

Clean up spills. Accidents happen, this includes spilling liquids and foods onto your wood floor. Cleaning them up promptly is wise and can save your floors from swelling and stains.

Good general care of your hardwood flooring will yield years of durability, beauty and sophistication in your home.

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