There are many factors in determining which floor surface is right for your home. Both hardwood flooring and carpeting have advantages and disadvantages. Because of this, it is not uncommon for homeowners to choose a mix of both flooring surfaces in different areas of the home.

Here are five advantages of hardwood flooring versus carpeted flooring.

Hardwood floors don’t go out of style and they age gracefully.

Hardwood floors in homes actually date back to the Barouque Era (1625 to 1714) and by the Edwardian Era (1901 to 1914) wood tongue and grove floors were the most popular domestic flooring.1 Unlike that purple or orange shag carpet that was so popular in the 1960s, hardwood flooring rarely goes out of style. One of the distinct advantages of hardwood floors is that they age well over time. The same can’t be said for carpet, as dirt and high traffic generally extract a heavy toll on carpet. The look of a hardwood floor can be altered by staining and refinishing the wood, as well as through the addition of trendy and stylish area rugs.

Hardwood floors present a beautiful and spacious look.

Hardwood floors add the warmth, beauty and the varied and unique patterns of wood to a home. It is also a common perception that homes with hardwood floors appear more spacious. Choose a light-colored wood and have the planks installed parallel to the longest wall or install diagonal planks to create the illusion of length and space in a room.2 If you want to make a room look as large as possible, select wider hardwood planks.

Hardwood floors are a good investment.

Homes with wood floors sell faster and for more money than homes without wood floors.3 Further, data from the 2017 National Association of Realtors’ Remodeling Impact Report estimates that installing hardwood flooring prior to selling a home has an average return on investment of 91 percent.4 Hardwood is more expensive to buy and install than carpeting, but it is more durable than carpet, so the cost over the life of a home can equalize. Even premium carpets have a lifespan of only 10 to 15 years.5

Hardwood floors are more desirable for those suffering from breathing issues.

There is debate on whether hardwood or carpet is a better choice for those suffering from allergies, asthma and other breathing issues. The Mayo Clinic recommends removing carpet as a way to allergy-proof a home.6 Dust and debris are easy to spot on hardwood floors and are easy to remove with regular cleaning.

Carpet tends to trap dust and debris. It is recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned every two years, with high-traffic areas cleaned every 12 to 18 months.7 Unfortunately for most homeowners, because of the cost and hassle of moving furniture, carpet is not cleaned as frequently as it should and dust and debris tend to build up in the carpet over time.

Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly.

Since the trees used in the production of hardwood floors can be replanted, hardwood floors are sustainable. Hardwood flooring also lasts a long time and can be refreshed through sanding and refinishing, so hardwood floors have a lifespan of up to 100 years. That means less landfill waste and when hardwood is put in a landfill it is biodegradable.

Often when it is necessary to remove a hardwood floor the wood can actually be reclaimed for other uses. Since carpet generally needs to be replaced every 5-15 years depending on the quality of the carpet and pad and on usage patterns, it is not as environmentally friendly as hardwood. Most carpeting is made of non-biodegradable petroleum, which tends to release volatile organic compounds as it breaks down.

Installing hardwood floors in your home is an investment worth making. It will not only elevate and beautify your home; it has health and environmental benefits that will last for generations with proper care. It is a timeless look and feel.

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