There are many benefits to rubber rugs. They are highly durable, great shock absorbers and most importantly, keep you from slipping. The downside? They may not work well on certain types of floors.

Do rubber mats damage hardwood floors?

They can leave marks on it and there are many that leave a residue behind after removal. It is also possible for discoloration to take place.

Why does this happen?

Chemicals are used during the manufacturing process of this material. These are then released over time. You may identify them by an odor that is typically present. These chemicals react with some finishes. This is what causes discoloration of wood floors over time.

Not all of these are made the same. The effect of their use, therefore, may differ from one species of wood to another. In some cases, severe discoloration may not occur. Instead, there can be residue or marks left on the surfaces making the timber unsightly.

Rubber was intended for use on more heavy-duty floors such as concrete but has made its way into the home due to its durability and versatility. There is a way, however, to limit the harm done. A barrier must be placed between the rubber mat and your intended exterior. This can be in the form of a pad or a similar item.

How do rug pads work?

Felt is a material commonly used in mats intended for rug pads. Since felt is a cloth-like material, it blends perfectly with products such as those used for mats. It also acts as a barrier between the covering and the surface of your floor. This protection prevents any damage from contact with chemicals. It even helps with shock absorption.

Will all versions of this product cause this type of damage?

There are many designs on the market today that come with their own backing material. This may be in the form of vinyl or a gel. Some designs are specifically made for use on hardwood. Doing prior research will help you make the right choice.

Related Questions

Are there any other dangerous coverings?

PVC and plastics can have a similar effect as the rugs mentioned above. This is all due to the finish on your wood floors. Finished planks aren’t designed to be covered. A fabric barrier is the best solution.

Do I need wall-to-wall coverage?

Not necessarily, it depends on the function of the room. A kitchen, however, would not benefit from full room coverage due to the high traffic and use. Beautifying a space with a rug requires a mat to prevent shifting and protects from possible scrapes and scratches. This can be the case if an item with abrasive edges becomes lodged under the pad. It can wear down overall integrity.

A hardwood surface is a beautiful installation. With the right selection, you can maintain its resilience. This ensures you don’t lose the integrity and appeal of your beautiful wood floors.

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