Hardwood floors are a staple of luxury for the budget conscious homeowner. One way to spruce up a kitchen or communal living space is to give it a clean hardwood floor. But it’s not one size fits all, not even for the color or style of the hardwood floor. If you want to install a hardwood floor, you have options. If you already have a hardwood floor installed, getting the wood recolored is also an option.

Whether you’re looking to install a new hardwood floor or looking to recolor an existing hardwood floor, it’s possible to brighten and freshen up your living space.

Which tones are going to work the best for you is going to be a matter of what your decor looks like now and personal preference. But, for the most part, your possibilities are fairly endless.

To help you out with your new hardwood project, we’ve outlined some options below you have for your new hardwood floor.

Cool Colors

Getting cool colored, darker hardwood floors is a great option for those who want lower maintenance since darker colors are better at hiding wear and stains. If you don’t want to deal with constantly cleaning the floor or have kids or a generally active household, this is a great way to have hardwood floors that can handle the traffic.

Grays/Earth Tones

For those who want to keep some brightness in their rooms but maintain the urban, industrial look then gray and muted earth tones are a great option. They’re a little bit more on the maintenance side of things but can give you the urban effect on your floors and offer a bit of brightness to a room. It is worth noting that refinishing an existing floor gray is a difficult task that requires help from a pro, but the end result can be worth it if done right.

Light Colors

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, light colored floors are the best way to go. While they’ll wear down quicker and require more regular upkeep, the majority of environmentally friend colors and trends are found in the lighter colors. A big part of this is about weighing your wants and needs and if you’ve got a low traffic home, this might be a great option.

Related Questions

Is There A Color Easier to Refinish To?

As mentioned, the hardest refinish is going to be gray. Some wood styles handle it better (maple and birch floors are fairly easy when they’re in a prefinished state) any finished wood, especially oak, is going to be a challenge that requires a fair bit of testing by a professional hardwood installer and a good amount of patience.

What Does Refinishing Cost?

Prices vary depending on where you live and your square footage. Make sure to do your research and contact your local hardwood flooring contractors to give you an idea on pricing. On average it costs about $1.50 to $4.00 per square foot to refinish a hardwood floor. This equates to range of around $400 to $1,000 for typically sized living spaces. This is attributed largely to material costs but prices can vary based on the space. Are there stairs? How many coats will it take to complete the refinish? The process goes like this: screening the floor, sanding the floor, staining the floor, and applying a finishing coat. Complications can arise at any time so be sure to ask your contractor plenty of questions.

Refinishing your hardwood floor can be a great boost for your home and doesn’t require too much effort or money to do. The return you’ll get on the invest is well worth it. But make sure to do your research and consult with experts before undertaking a project.

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