Hardwood floors are beautiful and one of the most desirable upgrades on a home, but they also come with a bit of maintenance to make sure they keep their beautiful look and retain the value they can add to your home. That’s why it’s important to monitor the state of your hardwood floors and take the proper steps to preserve everything about them that makes them such an asset to the value of your home.

There are definitely some do’s and some don’ts when it comes to hardwood floor maintenance.

You should always keep it as clean as possible and tackle spills quick, you’ll want to protect it from abrasions of foot traffic and furniture with special protectors and pads and avoid any abrasive or harsh cleaning materials when cleaning the floor. Following these rules can help boost the beauty and life of your hardwood floors and maintain its value for your home.

Below are some best practices to follow when it comes to protecting and maintaining your hardwood floors.

Always Clean Spills

If something spills on your hardwood floor, clean it up as quickly as possible before any stains can set in or any corrosive materials can start to wear away the wood. You should clean up stains and spills with a soft cloth as not to cause any further damage and do a light rinse with a dampened rag. If a stain is setting in, you can use acetone nail polish remover in small amounts. For things like wax or gum, ice can be used to get it up.

Floor Protectors and Furniture Pads

Your floors obviously get foot traffic, that’s what they’re for. But for areas with higher foot traffic, you’ll want to protect them. You can do this with floor protectors in entrances and hallways (such as rugs) that can protect the wood itself from any abrasive materials that might wear them down. For furniture that sits directly on hardwood floors, you can utilize pads that go under the feet of couches and tables to protect from damage.

Avoid Harsh Products

When it comes to doing more in-depth cleanings of your hardwood floor, avoid anything harsh or extremely corrosive. Some cleaners can be very damaging on hardwood floors, so you’ll want to check the labels. You can also find plenty of recipes on the internet to make your own cleaning solution that doesn’t damage your floor.

Related Questions

What’s the best finish for a hardwood floor?

There are a few options out there. You could go with a water-based polyurethane for a clear finish and quick dry, oil-based for high traffic areas, shellac, wax, and many others. It depends on your type of floor and where in the house it is located. A hardwood flooring professional can help you decide what’s best for your floors.

What can I do about my pet’s nails on hardwood?

If you’ve got pets who may scratch your hardwood, considering opting for a wood that ranks high on the hardness scale, utilizing a stronger finish, and protecting your floor with mats and rugs.

If you have questions, reach out to a flooring pro about your options so that you can reap the many benefits of wood floors to last a lifetime.

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