The floors in your home are a statement piece. They can truly up the value of your home, add beauty or aesthetic to an otherwise plain room, be the pop of design needed to brighten an otherwise quiet room. But they’re also floors. Which means they’re going to take the brunt of movement and activity in your home. If you’ve got pets, there’s even more activity and punishment to account for.

Which hardwood floors are going to beautify your home and also stand the test of time with your pets?

You need flooring that is resistant to scratching, holds its color, and is resistant to damage or staining. Your pets are animals, they may be trained but will still run around with a fair bit of freedom. You’re going to need hardwood that can withstand the everyday tests in your home, on top of the challenge of bringing light and vibrancy to the room they’re in.

Your best flooring options for a pet are below. Some are going to be more costly or labor intensive to install. Keep that in mind while going through.


You’re going to want to go with a hardwood, and exotic woods are among the hardest you can get. Ipe, also known as Brazilian walnut, is most often used for outdoor decking so you know it can handle some weathering. It’s dense, dependable, and going to be to take foot traffic on top of scratches from tiny paws. A more cost effective and still dense option is Brazilian walnut.


You may be surprised to find something as seemingly soft as bamboo making this list. But bamboo is a naturally hard material and incredibly resistant to stain and damage from heavy traffic. It’s got a neutral color and sits nicely between vinyl and hardwood flooring for those on the fence. It’s also a very good eco-friendly choice for those conscious of their impact on the environment.

Hard Maple

Hard maple is among the best hardwood options you can find–it’s often used as the flooring on basketball courts. This isn’t just any slab of maple wood, however, it’s also called rock maple or sugar maple so make sure you specify while you’re shopping. Another bonus is that it’s a domestic wood so there won’t be a premium for getting it imported.

Related Questions

What Are Non-Wood Options?

If you decide you want to shell out for something beyond wood, stone and tile is on the pricey side. Engineered hardwood also has many options. If you want something that looks like wood, there’s laminate and types of vinyl. An option, depending on the room, is also carpet but this might take a beating in other ways, isn’t as luxurious and needs a lot of up keep.

Will It Be Expensive?

That depends on what you ultimately choose. Carpeting and laminate are cheap while exotic hardwood and stone rank among the more expensive options. Consider your budget when looking into your options, as much as the durability factor. If you are looking for long term beauty and increased home value, hardwood floors are the answer.

Pets can be a wear on your home, but you can combat that with durable hardwood flooring. A hardwood flooring company can help you select the best option for your budget and needs.

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