When you’re looking at options for your hardwood floor, you want the stalwart option that can be both trustworthy and beautiful. Red oak hardwood flooring can be the perfect balance between aesthetics, durability, and easy maintenance.

Everything you could want in a hardwood floor can be found in red oak hardwood floors.

Give your home a fresh look with this beautiful hardwood option. But if you need more convincing, look no further.

When looking at hardwood floor options you want something that can stand up to the test of use that comes with hardwood floors, something that can handle the wear of time and of constant strain. You also need to make sure that as hard as a wood is, it’s not difficult to install or work with in exchange. You also want to make sure you take aesthetics and staining abilities into account when you’re looking at hardwood options.

Below are the best reasons to consider red oak hardwood for your next flooring installation project.

Hardness and Durability

Red oak as a wood strikes a perfect balance between surface durability and installation ease. While many woods tend to be too hard or too soft, red wood is center line making it incredibly durable while easy to work with. In the Janka hardness test red oak ranks 1,290 making it far from the hardest wood out there but also equally far from the softest. With red oak it’s all about durability and manageability.

Workability and Installation

While red oak is hard, it’s not so hard that it takes a professional a lot of muscle and effort to work with. It’s fairly easy to cut and easy to install. Thanks to that it can be installed any number of methods without running up a huge labor and materials tab as your contractor has to work to get the floor cut, sanded, and installed, fighting it and its own hardness the entire time. This wood is above average when it comes to workability, which is great for everyone.

Color and Staining Options

Red oak is among the smarter moves you can make when it comes to picking something that affords you staining and customization options. Red oak already come in a variety of shades ranging across the spectrum of lighter and darker shades and it stains well thanks to its porous surface as opposed to other species that have a tighter grain.

Related Questions

What are my finish options for red oak?

You can get red oak both as pre-finished and unfinished if you’d like more customizable options. Different options are going to differ in price so be aware of differences.

What is red oak’s appearance?

One of the most distinguishing parts of red oak’s appearance is the wide grain pattern. It’s a signature look that many people seek out. Talk to your flooring professional about your options and get the best possible floor for your home today.

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