Hardwood floors are tough and long-lasting. This type of flooring also gives a home a feeling that is both rustic and elegant. However, normal wear and tear over time can detriment your hardwood floors which detracts from this natural beauty. This article will help you know the signs of when your hardwood floors need refinishing as well as the benefits of refinishing.

Do you know the benefits and signs that a hardwood floor needs to be refinished?

A professional hardwood floor service is capable of removing the gritty areas, scratches, furrows, and other signs of wear and tear. Having your hardwood flooring refinished will get it back to its shiny, new appearance, which will also improve the value of your home.

Besides improving the value of your home, refinishing the hardwood flooring also has the following benefits:

• Refinishing hardwood floors instead of replacing them saves money.

• Guards against any potential injuries a damaged floor may cause.

• Deters invasion of unwelcome pests such as ants and termites.

Some Signs a Hardwood Floor Needs Refinishing

The best way to protect your hardwood flooring is to know the signs of when it needs refinishing. Any type of water damage your floors may have incurred is a sign they need refinishing. In addition, if any boards are gray or have already turned black, you need to call a professional. Extensive scratches and staining are also signs.

Lowers the Cost of Maintenance

Having hardwood floors refinished by a professional will decrease the chance of having to replace the floor. The use of a wood floor oil will aid in preserving the beauty of your hardwood floors.

Other Refinishing Options

If your hardwood floor is dull and lacking shininess, it may need a screen and recoat. This refinishing option is less costly and invasive than a complete refinishing is. This is a preventative measure and should be done every three to four years prior to any scratches affecting the color.

Related Questions

How often should you refinish hardwood floors?

A plank of hardwood flooring that is ¾ inches thick will require refinishing 4-6 times during the life of the floor. This means roughly every 7-10 years you should have the flooring refinished.
Is it cheaper to replace or refinish wood flooring?

Generally, it is usually always cheaper to refinish wood floor planks than to replace the entire floor. You may have to replace a few boards, but, this is still cheaper than replacing the whole floor.

Another benefit of refinishing your hardwood floors is that it is a form of preventative maintenance. Oiling the wood planks regularly will ensure wear and the tear don’t worsen and create the need for a costly replacement. If your hardwood floors are showing signs of strain and need some attention, its best to call a professional hardwood flooring company and explore your options.

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