A house may have four walls and a roof, but a home has the perfect flooring. When it comes to flooring the two most common options are hardwood and carpet. Hardwood is the preferred choice by majority of renters and buyers across the US, however carpet is not completely obsolete. While hardwood does have better resale value, you may not want it in every room, which is where carpet comes into play. Redoing the floors of your home is an investment, so spend your money wisely. It’s the ultimate debate in the world of building and remodeling:

What are the benefits of hardwood floors over carpet?

There are several reasons why hardwood is the most popular choice and it’s not just for its looks. Continue reading for the benefits of hardwood versus carpet, to figure out which style best suits your needs.


Hardwood is the more expensive choice, so why do renters and buyers prefer it? Even with its higher price point, hardwood flooring is still most often chosen over carpet because it’s the investment that keeps on giving. Unlike carpet which you have to replace every 3 to 5 years, hardwood can last virtually forever, which means you’re getting the most for your money. If you choose to rent or sell you’re home, you’ll also be getting a return on your investment because it increases the resale value of your home in comparison to carpet. Besides being long-lasting and better for your home resale, other reasons to love hardwood are as follows:

Easy to clean: There’s no doubt that when it comes to spills and messes, carpet can be a nightmare. Stains, streaks, and mold are just a few problems; however you’ll never experience these with hardwood floors. Hardwood easily wipe clean and do not show stains or dust marks.

Low-allergy surface: Having a surface that is easy to clean also makes for healthier environment. Unlike carpet which can trap dust, allergens, and microorganisms; dirt particles which are left behind on hardwood, disappear with a single wipe. This makes hardwood ideal for those with severe allergies, asthma, etc.

High-end: Hardwood floors immediately give your home a look of luxury. Hardwood floors are typically considered “high-end” due to their price point and being made of natural materials. So, whether you spent a fortune or not, your hardwood floors will give your home a more prestigious look.

Versatile: If you get hardwood floors in one room, chances are you’ll want them everywhere. That’s the beauty of hardwood floors- they fit everywhere and can be used anywhere. If you love hardwood floors, but still want the coziness of carpet, all you have to do is add an area rug and you get the best of both worlds.


If you want cozy, you want carpet. You can’t beat the soft, warm, physical coziness of carpet, however there are benefits than meets the eye. Carpet is sometimes preferred for the following reasons:

Safety: Especially if you have small children, carpet is often preferred over hardwood floors because it is safer. Kids/ babies are constantly falling, scraping, scratching themselves on objects, around the house, and on furniture. Carpet gives parents a better piece of mind knowing they can fall on a soft surface.

Sound proof: There is a noticeable difference between the sound that travels when you have hardwood, and the sound that travels when you have carpet. The soft, thickness of carpet easily deadens sound, so that everyone throughout your home can sleep uninterrupted.

Inexpensive: Of course, the obvious reason that many people choose carpet over hardwood floors is cost. Carpet can sometimes be available for as little as $1 per square foot, opposed to up to $12 or more for hardwood. Especially for new families, families in a pinch, or just families who like to save money, carpet is ideal.

There is little debate, hardwood beats carpet in every category. Even if you want the coziness of carpet, you can easily use an area rug over hardwood floors; but when you choose to do carpet only, there’s little you can do to adjust the room. Carpet may be physically comfortable, but hardwood is comfortable on the value and appearance of your home.

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